The responsible fatherhood global movement

Despite the social changes that came with globalization and the economic development of the twentieth century, the majority of parental responsibilities were still left to women. Now in the twenty-first century, with the feminist movement, gender equality, and the increasing participation of women in the workplace, there is a need for change in family structure. Many cultures around the world are redefining masculinity, parenting, and the role of men in family dynamics. Thus, the “Responsible Fatherhood” movement was born. This movement seeks to promote fathers as an active member of the family: a responsible parent, directly involved in the development of his children and partner and not just an economic provider. Research shows that increased father involvement improves the intellectual, academic, behavioral, emotional, psychological and social well-being of the family.

The “Responsible Fatherhood” movement has been around since the late 1980s in first world countries like the U.S., Switzerland, Norway and Japan. They understood the importance of an active and responsible father figure. Now it’s time for Fatherhood Mexico to promote this movement in Mexico and Latin America with the clear goal of developing positive changes and new trends of responsible parenthood.